The Legacy Difference

Legacy-Trees is a one of a kind method for producing trees that works in concert with tree root systems to mimic how they grow in a forest. Our method encourages natural root development and delivers an undamaged root system that is ready to immediately colonize your property. We created this method of tree production and transplant to bring you a superior tree that will provide beauty for generations – a true legacy.

Envisioning Your Property

Unsure about your situation? We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the process and helping them understand along the way. We provide a site assessment of your property along with a vision for what opportunities there are to add trees throughout the site.

Highest Quality Trees

We have a state-of-the-art growing and transplant system. Our trees are field-grown to develop a natural root system and finished in our above ground platforms for 12-24 months to prepare them for the move to your property.

In-Depth Strategy From Our Experts

It’s not as simple as planting a tree. Our experts match the trees to your site based on the ecosystem in their natural habitat

5 Year Warranty

We believe in our process so much that we provide a 5 year no-hassle warranty.
Life after planting is a guarantee with our Stewardship Program!

Stewardship Program


Legacy-Trees will provide its customers with a vision of their property. What is, and what could be for existing and future trees on your property.


We encourage all our clients to adopt our diversity strategies as we seek a balanced, stable urban forest. One tree, one property and one community at a time.

Proper Planting

Most urban trees have been planted too deep in the soil and are suffering from basal rot and girdling roots which leads to early death of the tree. Legacy-Trees guarantees a healthy, vigorous root system that is placed at the proper depth in the soil.


Through our stewardship program we provide juvenile pruning, soil resource management, and plant health care. Each of these is essential to the health of your tree.

With your enrollment our Legacy-Trees Dealer will make a minimum of three site visits with a qualified arborist within the first five years. The trained arborist will make 3-5 crucial pruning cuts which are essential in training your trees during their juvenile growth habit. These critical pruning cuts during the first five years will eventually create up to 20 feet of clear trunk depending on the species of your Legacy-Tree. This will eliminate the poor branch angles of this growth phase that turn into storm damage later in a tree’s life. Further stewardship and aftercare options may be available with your vendor. Ask your dealer our stewardship program which allows customers to maintain a 5-year warranty on their tree investment.


Take a look at the 3 year growth Legacy-Trees has been able to achieve in the gallery below. We have experienced unprecedented growth in our trees. A true testament to our motto – plant once, plant Legacy.



To further ensure the long-term survival of each tree you are adding to your property, we invest in extensive training of our Dealers. This is done to ensure the proper planning, planting, and stewardship of your urban forest. Each property will present varying conditions such as:  wet site versus dry site, sun versus shade, heavy soil versus light soil – all of which may impact the health of your tree.  Assessing site conditions allows us to match trees that are native to those types of conditions and helps to ensure long term survival of a tree.