Legacy Forests


Legacy-Forests is a branch of Legacy-Trees that focuses on tree planting for wildlife. There are all kinds of customers Legacy-Trees serves throughout the network that have tree planting needs related to their backyard. While Legacy-Trees can provide homeowners with whatever their needs may be for their homes, Legacy-Forests can also provide wildlife enthusiasts with trees to suit their interests as well.
Legacy-Forests focuses on customers that have wildlife-specific needs related to tree planting. Whether a customer wants to add something different to their food plot, use trees to enrich the habitat for wildlife, or create a border between their property and the neighbors, Legacy-Forests has something for everyone.


What makes one property stand out from another? Is it topography? Bedding? Access to water? While all those things may be important to wildlife, food is the number one factor that will not only attract wildlife but will push them to make your property their home. Legacy-Forests is unique in its approach to wildlife tree planting through its thoughtfully crafted packages. Each year, Legacy-Forests comes out with a unique package of trees that will add a whole new level of appeal to a customer’s property through the wildlife’s eyes. Legacy-Forests brings the same technology and systems as Legacy-Trees. No longer will wildlife enthusiasts be planting saplings hoping to see them take hold and flourish. With Legacy-Forests trees we can give customers back time by bringing trees that will make a more immediate impact on wildlife. Legacy-Forests thorough planning process will ensure that both the short and long-term needs of any property are addressed when we vision your property with you. Each tree has been carefully selected based on many factors such as drop time of mast, cross pollination requirements, site specific planting factors, species diversity, and so much more.


Limited availability every year! Legacy-Forests is seeking to be your partner in habitat management through trees. Because of this we are taking a very qualitative approach to this side of the business by developing long-term relationships with customers that will have access to a limited supply of Legacy-Forests trees every year. Availability and pricing of trees and tree species will vary from year to year. Legacy-Forests will be allocating its resources first to previously existing customers and then new customers based on year-to-year availability of trees.