Plant Once. Plant Legacy.

Legacy-Trees is a one-of-a-kind patent pending method for producing trees that works in concert with tree root systems to mimic how they grow in a forest. This method grows a significantly larger root system that is engineered to be successful in harsh urban conditions. This revolutionary system of tree production and transplant was designed to bring you a superior tree that will provide beauty for generations, not decades.

We believe in this product so much that we offer a 5-Year Warranty to all customers that purchase a Legacy-Tree upon enrollment in the Stewardship Program: Level l. Purchasing a Legacy-Tree is a partnership with a long-term commitment to stewardship that begins with the warranty and continues with our forever care program.



Site assessment is a crucial aspect of any tree planting. Legacy-Trees has created a tree planting matrix that provides information to our network companies and internal staff on matching tree species to the planting site. This is the first step in having successful urban trees in our communities.


Proper Planting

The first 20 minutes of a tree’s destiny is determined by how it is planted in the landscape. This moment will determine if a tree will live for 10 years or 100 years. Legacy-Trees patent-pending platform was designed to make this process efficient, effective, and most importantly correct.



Emerald Ash Borer is the most recent reminder of why diversity is so critical in our urban environments. Legacy-Trees has made a commitment to promoting diversity in all aspects of tree planting whenever possible. Click HERE to learn more about our diversity champion program.



The final step in planting urban trees successfully is after care. Legacy-Trees offers a 5-Year Warranty to customers that opt into the stewardship pruning program. This program allows trained professionals to come back and make small cuts on the tree that could one day result in storm damage. Click HERE to learn more about our Stewardship Pruning Program and Levels.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Legacy-Trees is to bring tree planning, proper planting, diversity, and stewardship to our urban ecosystems through a revolutionary system of growing and transplanting trees that will live for generations.


Take a look at the 3 year growth Legacy-Trees has been able to achieve in the gallery below. We have experienced unprecedented growth in our trees. A true testament to our motto – plant once, plant Legacy.



Legacy-Trees line of trees is carried throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. We supply our trees to companies that are professional and committed to providing excellence. With that, these companies are supplied with 2 annual training sessions per year from Legacy-Trees that educate on a wide variety of topics such as: planting depth, root physiology, stewardship pruning, and so much more. Legacy-Trees is committed to continuous education within our network of companies to start establishing urban forests that will live long after us. You can find a Legacy-Trees authorized dealer here: