Legacy-Trees has brought a superior way to produce and transplant trees to the tree care industry. This method was developed by Ron Zillmer, Legacy-Trees Founder and President, who spent 30 years in the tree care industry studying tree physiology, analyzing root samples, and cultivating a brand-new way to plant trees. Ron Zillmer’s credentials speak volumes for the knowledge he has acquired related to tree and root physiology.

  • Undergraduate degree in Urban Forestry – University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
  • Master’s degree in Tree Physiology – Purdue University
  • Youngest president elected to the Wisconsin Arborist Association in 1995
  • Served on the International Society of Arboriculture’s – Arborist Certification Board
  • Created the 2+2 Urban Forestry Degree at Mid-State Technical College that laddered into a 4-year program at UW Stevens Point
  • Created the Arborist Apprenticeship program in 2016 and was awarded the ‘Advancing Arboriculture Award’ in 2017

Ron has spoken internationally and has traveled as far as Hong Kong presenting on improper planting techniques. Not only can Legacy-Trees offer a superior planting method, but Legacy can also offer Ron’s intellect through workshops and seminars. Through a combination of an indoor presentation and outdoor hands-on learning experience, Ron can take 2 hours and changes people’s outlook on tree planting forever. Ron’s unique 25-year-old collection of root systems can tell the story of the tree planting industry and just how far away it has gotten from what the trees truly need to grow. Call Legacy-Trees today to inquire about hosting one of Ron’s seminars for any outdoor enthusiasts that want to learn more about what they can do to not just plant trees but establish trees.

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“Twenty Minutes in the Life OR Death of a Tree”
“Twenty Feet in the Life OR Death of a Tree”

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