Swamp White Oak

Type: Riparian Species
Height: 50’-60’
Spread: 40’-50’
Hardiness Zone 3
Fall Color: Burnt Orange
Preferred Soil Type: Wet or dry, preferably not dry sand
Exposure type: Full sun



Quercus Bicolor – Swamp White Oak

PLANTING POINTS: A riparian oak that is very popular in our urban forests. It has a fairly open canopy with big burly branches that tend to extend horizontally forever! This one grows much faster than Quercus alba – the white oak. The growth rate and form are spectacular. Did I mention the bark exfoliates on the branches fora unique color especially when the sun hits it during the sunrise!

SITING THIS TREE: It is a riparian so it can handle wet areas. Legacy has used this tree in all soil types and moisture levels. Legacy tends to put it in wetter areas and avoids very dry sands. If it has to go in a truly dry site please expand the mulch area and it keepit mulched forever. Put this tree far enough from structures to allow for horizontal branches that can reach lengths of twenty-five feet. One other characteristic to be aware of is the acorn production which can be quite heavy so avoid patio areas and keep it to the edges of the property. If you have deer and squirrels you will have to be quick to find a whole acorn on the ground, but you will find plenty of acorn pieces!