Triumph Elm

Type: Riparian Species
Hardiness Zone 4
Height: 60′
Spread: 60′
Fall Color: Yellow
Preferred Soil Type: Wet or Dry
Exposure Type: Full sun



Triumph Elm | Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’

PLANTING POINTS: A beautiful hybrid elm with a vigorous growth rate. Under ideal conditions with ample soil moisture it can add 6 feet of growth per year as juvenile. Requires frequent stewardship pruning to train this tree into maturity. Early on in its life it will display the classic vase like shape we all love. This is Legacy’s favorite hybrid elm cultivar for its reliability. Avoid open turf areas when possible as Japanese beetles will go after this tree. Furthermore as part of diversity we do not like to plant pure stand of these trees as DED is never out of the question despite this cultivars high resistance. A good pairing with this tree is the Hackberry which has a similar matureform. Due to this cultivars form and twisted grain wood branch breakage usually results in branch hinging instead of breaking completely off. This makes it a safer selection than some other species of its size.

SITING THIS TREE: This tree can handle wet and dry soil conditions but will excel in planting sites where water is prevalent. It can handle periods of standing water and will grow vigorously if given enough soilmoisture. Very tolerant of urban pollution and salt. It is a great urban tree in boulevards where space allows for it.