State Street Maple

Height: 40’-45’
Spread: 30’-35’
Hardiness Zone: 4-7
Fall Color: Pale Golden Yellow
Preferred Soil: Moist, well- drained soil
Exposure Type: Full Sun to Partial Shade



Acer miyabei | State Street Maple

Planting Points: This maple has a mature height of 40 to 45 feet and width of 30 to 35 feet with an oval, round, upright form. It is more densely branched than other maples which makes it an excellent shade tree. The handsome, corky bark develops vertical scales with age. It has excellent heat and drought tolerance, as well as tolerance of alkaline soils and salt spray.

Siting This Tree: Plant in full sun to part shade with well-drained soil. Although it is tolerant of most soil types, it does not do well in compacted soil. As with any newly planted tree, it should be watered properly when young, but is drought tolerant after it is established.