Royal Red Norway Maple

Type: Upland Species
Height: 50′
Spread: 35’
Hardiness Zone 4
Fall Color: Brown
Preferred Soil Type: Any soil as long as it’s not too wet
Exposure Type: Full sun to partial shade



Acer platanoides – Royal Red Norway Maple

PLANTING POINTS: This tree competes in both sandy and clay environments. What makes this tree excel is its adaptiveness to different soil environments. It can be found in frequently wet sites as well as open fields with lots of turf grass that are prone to drought. It is very pollution tolerant making it an exceptional urban tree for the toolbox.Not known for its fall color, this dark maroon to purple leaf will stick out next to the blue sky or other green trees nearby. Where this tree can really help a planting arboristis in open fields that get beat down by the sun, we have planted this tree in these settings with no watering regime and found it to grow well with a full healthy canopy.Many other trees could not be healthy without extra watering and support in their establishment years. One downside of this tree as a juvenile is that it is susceptible to tip dieback as a juvenile when winters are mild and rainy. Be aware of this when communicating with customers, this sometimes will require reduction of the central leader but with 5 years under warranty we can get this tree through this phase and established in almost any location.

SITING THIS TREE: Acidic and alkaline soils alike as well as sand and clay. The biggest factor for this tree is getting full sun during the day. However, when grown as an understory tree where it receives more shade it can present a much more balanced canopy with better branch angles but will grow at a slower rate.