Brandywine Red Maple

Type: Upland Species
Height: 50′
Spread: 35′
Hardiness Zone 4
Fall Color: Vibrant Red
Preferred Soil Type: Wet or Dry, cool root system
Exposure type: Full sun to partial shade



Acer Rubrum – Brandywine Red Maple

PLANTING POINTS: This red maple offers solid branch structure and a moderate growth rate. It has vibrant red fall color hence the Brandywine cultivar name. Being a red maple, this tree is an upland maple primarily.

SITING THIS TREE: For this reason, avoid planting sites that are frequently wet or experience periods of standing water. In well drained rich soils this tree will excel. Particularly if sited with partial shade during the day whether that be in the morning or in the late afternoon. This tree will excel with a balanced level of full sun during the day and some shade to maintain soil moisture. It is moderately tolerant of drought and is more susceptible of being loved to death by overwatering than anything else.