Purple Prince Crabapple

Type: Ornamental
Height: 20′
Spread: 20′
Flowers: Red/Purple Persistent Fruit
Preferred Soil Type: Dry towet, but not persistently wet
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Purple Prince Flowering Crabapple | Malus speciousa

PLANTING POINTS: May brings red/purple flowers covering the entire canopy. Purple/green sumer leaves follow that up all summer. Very disease resistant while also having persistent fruit that will attract wildlife without the mess.

SITING THIS TREE: This is one of the Legacy-Trees’ Parade of Color™ trees for the spring. It flowers between the autumn brilliance serviceberry and the japanese tree lilac. So plant it where you can see it!crabapples are quite durable but it is best to keep them out of wet spots that stay wet all year. They perform best in full sun to get maximum flower production. Legacy frequently uses them along property lines to provide summer screening of adjoining properties. This means they might be growing in drainage swales but I do not consider those wet areas because they are intermittently wet. They also can be partially shaded due to other trees along the border between properties. That is alright as there are no perfect planting spots.