Type: Ornamental
Height: 50′
Spread: 25′
Hardiness Zone 3
Preferred Soil Type:
Exposure Type: Full sun to full shade



Ostrya virginiana / Ironwood

PLANTING POINTS: This tree is another addition to our Full Shade understory toolbox. Preferring a little more sun than the other members of this group it nonetheless can perform in high shade planting environments. Larger than the blue beech but very similar and often confused with one another. This tree can be a large addition to screening situations in the full shade when properly maintained by an arborist.

SITING THIS TREE: It has been known to tolerate higher salt environments and pollution, so it also offers a strong urban specimen. This tree can handle water better than blue beech but prefers well-drained soil where it will not experience much standing water or frequent wet feet. A slow growing tree with hop-like late summer fruits is a great addition to Legacy-Trees menu.