Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Type: Ornamental Species
Height: 25’
Spread: 15’
Hardiness Zone 3
Fall Color: Orange/Red
Flowers: White Persistent Fruit
Preferred Soil Type: Somewhat Dry to Wet
Exposure type: Full Sun to Full Shade



Amelanchier Grandiflora – Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

PLANTING POINTS: This tree has the double whammy with the earliest spring flowers in white before green up and spectacular red fall color! Legacy-Trees’ Parade of Color™ trees provide the perfect tree to kick off the flowering season with flowers in late April followed by the crabapples & pears with the final display coming in june from the Japanese tree lilacs. This is a gorgeous ornamental tree that can be planted in sun or shade which is very unusual for a flowering tree!

SITING THIS TREE: This tree will do a full flower set in full shade legacy loves putting them under the canopy of other trees. Particularly, putting them along the property lines of lake properties and other residential settings where there is a need for summer screening. These trees can handle full sun but based on this tree’s natural habit of living in the shade away from grasses it favors areas with cool, moist root environments. So if you put this tree in full sun make sure it has access to cool areas for the root system to colonize.