Blue Beech

Height: 30’-35’
Spread: 20’-35’
Hardiness Zone: 3
Fall Color: Orange to Red
Preferred Soil: Moist, Well Drained Soil.
Exposure Type: Full Sun to Full Shade



Carpinus caroliniana / Blue Beech

PLANTING POINTS: The tree also known as American Hornbeam and musclewood, is a small shrubby tree with one or more trunks. This tree has distinct flares on the trunk and branches that resemble muscle definition. There are no known major diseases or insects that affect blue-beech. Blue-beech provides food and shelter for game birds such as grouse and pheasants, small mammals, and songbirds. Deer are also known to browse the twigs and foliage.

SITING THIS TREE: It does well in full sun, part shade, and full shade. It is intolerant of salt spray, so it is best to plant this tree at least 30 feet or more away from main roads and streets. Blue- beech can be used as an ornamental tree in urban parks and large backyards.