Prairefire Flowering Crabapple

Type: Ornamental Species
Height: 15′-20′
Spread: 15′
Flowers: Pink
Persistent Fruit
Preferred Soil Type: Well drained/Acidic
Exposure Type: Full sun



Malus ‘Prairiefire’ – Prariefire Flowering Crabapple

PLANTING POINTS: This crab is a partcularily disease resistant selection. Much like other Legacy-Trees selections it was picked for its landscape value and reliability. This crab grows well in many conditions. It does not drop its fruit making it a low maintenance tree. Coupled with its later blooming pink flowers, it keeps the appeal going later into the year for the flowering season.

SITING THIS TREE: Follow similar planting guidelines for any flowering crab. So long as you avoid sites where the soil stays wet for extended periods of time and give this crab full sun you will be rewarded. Combined with our legacy- trees system of planting and aftercare this tree will be a vigorous and eye catching addition to anyones yard.