Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

Type: Upland Species
Height: 75’
Spread: 50’
Hardiness Zone 3
Fall Color: Orange Leaf
Preferred Soil Type: Well drained fertile soil
Exposure Type: Full/Partial Shade



Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple | Acer saccharum

PLANTING POINTS:The Wisconsin state tree, with a robust yellow to orange fall color. A large statured maple that is fast growing compared to other sugar maple varieties. Dark green summer foliage with high leaf density. The sugar maple is great to grow near a nurse tree as it performs well in the shade from that tree and will not deviate its branch growth to the sun like other maple species.

SITING THIS TREE: Prefers well drained sites with cool soil consistent water and fertility. This tree is a climax species and evolved in forests where its juvenile growth phase was spent in the shade of other trees. Stick to shaded planting areas with cool root zones. Great tree to put in the shaded spot of a dying tree such as a Norway maple to get a jump start on growth before the failing tree comes down. By this time the full sun is no longer a concern after several years. Some branches on the dying tree may need removal as the sugar maple grows.