Royal Raindrops Crabapple

Type: Ornamental
Height: 20’
Spread: 15’
Preferred Soil Type: Slightly acidic / well-drained
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Malus Transitoria – Royal Raindrops Crabapple

PLANTING POINTS: This crab is known for its vibrant red summer leaf color. Distinct even amongst other similar red leafed crabs such as the gladiator or purple prince crab. Resistant to fireblight, this is another great member of the Legacy-Trees’ Parade of Color™ trees.

SITING THIS TREE: Like other flowering crabs this tree needs full sun ie 8+ hours of direct sunlight a day. Stay close to this range of sun exposure when siting this tree. Flowering crabs do not like wet feet so pick sites that will dry out eventually following a rainfall. These trees can handle sandy soils fairly well so long as they don’t get completely dried out. Find the balance of well drained soil and adequate sun exposure and you can enjoy the show.