Sunburst Honeylocust

Type: Upland Species
Height: 35′
Spread: 35′
Hardiness Zone 4
Fall Color: Yellow Leaf
Preferred Soil Type: Wet or Dry/ Acidic or Alkaline
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Gledtriner Triacanthos Var. Sunburst – Sunburst Honeylocust

PLANTING POINTS: Another Honey Locust cultivar that is an urban trooper. It is a medium sized honey locust variety allowing it to fit in tighter spaces than Skyline Honey Locust. The main draw of this tree is its vibrant yellow leaves. As a juvenile this yellow leaf will be all summer long. As this tree reaches maturity it will start the year yellow but eventually during the summer will eventually transition back to green leaves.

SITING THIS TREE: Much like Skyline Honey Locust, this tree is an urban trooper and treats it very similar to that when selecting a planting site.