Espresso Kentucky Coffeetree

Type: Riparian Species
Height: 60′
Spread: 40’
Fall Color: Yellow
Preferred Soil Type: Dry to Partially Wet
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Gymnocladus Dioicus – Espresso Kentucky Coffeetree

PLANTING POINTS: This is a very interesting tree with compound leaves much like the Honeylocust. It has furrowed bark and interesting canopy architecture with distinct branch angles. A seedless variety with a slow growth habit that excels in full sun but can also be very vigorous in planting situations where it only receives full sun for part of the day. It is slow to branch out as a juvenile where it arrives to Legacy-Trees as a branchless whip. By growing season 3, it should be starting to add branches and structure quickly. Customers should know that it can sometimes be late to break bud but will quickly become one of the more interesting trees on their property. This tree is another star for tolerating urban conditions.

SITING THIS TREE: This tree is another great one for use in urban settings.It tolerates periods of high moisture while being very drought resistant. Because of its ability to handle many different soil conditions, you have a wide range of options for siting this tree.