Red Splendor Crabapple

Type: Ornamental
Height: 20-25′
Spread: 20′
Flowers: Pink Persistent Fruit
Preferred Soil Type: Dry to wet but not persistently wet
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Malus ‘Red Splendor’ – Red Splendor Flowering Crabapple

PLANTING POINTS: Known for its glossy green leaves, persistent fruit, and pink flowers. The red splendor flowering crabapple will give contrast and color in multiple seasons. Another great member of the Legacy-Trees’ Parade of Color™ trees that will contrast well with the pink flowers and red foliage of the royal raindrops crab.

SITING THIS TREE: Focus on keeping this tree in sites that don’t stay wet. When placing the trees make sure this one in particular isn’t going to have wet feet. If you have 5 of the Legacy-Trees’ Parade of Color™ trees this one should take the second driest spot saving the driest for the Japanese tree lilac which handles it the best.