Shingle Oak

Type: Riparian Species
Height: 60′
Spread: 30′
Hardiness Zone 5
Fall Color: Bright Red
Preferred Soil Type: Wet, preferably not always wet
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Quercus imbricaria / Shingle Oak

Planting Points: This member of the Red Oak family has a very distinct smooth metallic bark as juvenile. It has a glossy smooth- edged leaf which is different from most oak species. This tree is not nearly as spreading as other oaks and will fit better in narrow planting spaces for large trees. A reliable tree with a moderate growth rate. This tree thrives in Wisconsin despite its hardiness zone.

Siting This Tree: This tree will do well in moist acidic soils with good drainage. For a red oak it appears to handle moisture better than other for example but does not like frequently wet feet. Place this tree in full sun, sites with a little wind protection from prevailing winter winds will likely also benefit this tree particularly as a juvenile.