Pacific Brilliance Oak

Height: 40’-50’
Spread: 20’-35’
Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Fall Color: Orange, Red, Yellow
Preferred Soil: Prefers moist to wet, acidic, loamy soils
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Quercus palustris ‘PWJR08’ / Pacific Brilliance Oak

Planting Points: Best known for its terrific fall color, the canopy of the Pacific Brilliance Pin Oak forms an attractive, pyramidal form of upward sweeping branches. It is a useful tree to grow in urban settings where it can be planted as a street tree. It is also useful in narrow areas as its slim canopy easily fits into small landscapes, providing a vertical accent. It won’t produce as many acorns as typical oaks, which can be a pro or con depending on the client.

Siting This Tree: The Pacific Brilliance Pin Oak is very tolerant of wet soils and standing water. It is also very adaptable and tolerates urban pollution well. However, it is intolerant of alkaline soils, which can cause chlorosis of the leaves and damage to the tree.