Skyline Honeylocust

Type: Upland Species
Height: 50′
Spread: 40′
Hardiness Zone 4
Fall Color: Yellow Leaf
Preferred Soil Type: Wet and Dry
Exposure Type: Full sun



Skyline Honeylocust | Gleditsia triancanthos

PLANTING POINTS: A beautiful shade tree with a moderate growth rate.This tree is one of the champions of high urban environments. Offering high pollution resistance and salt tolerance much like the hackberry, it is a common member of boulevard plantings and sidewalk cutouts. It is a thornless and fruitless cultivar which provides filtered shade that can cool a site without shading out turf grass. At maturity interior branches get shaded out so it will require an arborist to clean up the interior canopy as it reaches a mature size periodically.

SITING THIS TREE: This tree is a terrific urban trooper. It can handle almost anything that is thrown at it from dry to wet soils, high salt levels, and urban pollution. Use it when your options are limited due to stressful urban conditions where providing urban canopy is at a premium.