St Croix American Elm

Height: 60’ – 75’
Spread: 60’- 90’
Hardiness Zone: 3-6
Fall Color: Yellow
Preferred Soil:
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Ulmus americana / St Croix American Elm

Planting Points: This unique cultivar stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Bred for its increased resistance to Dutch elm disease, the St Croix™ combines the classic elegance and form of the traditional American Elm with the hardiness required for today’s environment. Its robust health and stunning aesthetic qualities make it a prime choice for urban planting.

Siting This Tree: Choose a site with well-draining soil. While the American Elm is adaptable to various soil types, it prefers slightly acidic to neutral pH levels. Ensure the chosen site receives full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.