Weeping Willow

Type: Riparian Species
Height: 50′
Spread: 50′
Hardiness Zone 4
Preferred Soil Type: Wet
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Salix alba / Niobe Weeping Willow

PLANTING POINTS: This is the classic weeping willow. Growing as wide as it is tall with large dropping branch structure it is a beautiful landscape specimen. As a juvenile it has distinctly smooth yellow bark which transitions to scaly ridged bark in maturity. A fast growing tree with a vigorous root system it must have full sun to succeed. It can also be used to help with drainage in low spots where water collects as it can pull lots of water out of the soil in maturity as a riparian tree. It looks great along water features and as a landscape tree standing alone.

SITING THIS TREE: This tree performs well in wet soils with periodic standing water. Avoid dry planting sites or sites that areso sandy that they drain quickly and frequently experience drought conditions.