Celebration Maple

Height: 40’ to 50’
Spread: 20’ to 35’
Hardiness Zone: To Zone 4
Fall Color: Golden Yellow with Red
Preferred Soil: Prefers well-drained, moist, slightly acidic, loamy soils; adapts to many types of soils.
Exposure Type: Full Sun to Partial Shade



Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’ | Celebration Maple

Planting Points: ‘Celzam’ has a classic upright form with uniform growth, making for a great specimen tree in the landscape. This tree, like most Freeman hybrids, grows fast and is also known for its fall color. In early October, ‘Celzam’ becomes a brilliant red and then slowly changes to gold by late October. The growth in a well-watered environment with the Legacy system can test your skills as an arborist to prevent codominant branches. It possesses a better structure than Autumn Blaze® Maple with more open branch angles and a better-defined central leader. The growth rate and magnificent fall foliage make this a great choice for a client looking for some quick shade.

Siting This Tree: This tree is tolerant of many site conditions if it gives ample growth space. The great fall foliage makes it a very desirable yard tree. The tree is somewhat drought tolerant during the growing season once established but be sure to water well during the first year to establish a healthy root system. Mulch will assist with keeping soils cool, moist, and easy for new roots to establish in.