Heritage River Birch

Height: 30’ to 40’
Spread: 20’ to 30’
Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9
Fall Color: Buttery Yellow
Preferred Soil: Acid soil, Moist, well-drained soil, Wet soil
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Betula nigra ‘Cully’ / Heritage River Birch

PLANTING POINTS: River Birch is a vigorous, fast-growing, medium-sized tree. As a single trunk tree, it develops a pyramidal habit when young, but matures to a more rounded shape. River birch is drought sensitive and does not like hot, dry summers.
Heritage has larger, glossy, dark green leaves with nearly white interior peeling bark, this cultivar is more heat tolerant.

SITING THIS TREE: Grows best in acidic soils, moist well-drained soil, and wet soils. River birch will tolerate wet sites that experience occasional flooding and clay soils. This tree is tolerant of road salts and is often used in boulevards in urban settings.