Canada Select Red Cherry

Height: 20’ to 30’
Spread: 15’to 20’
Hardiness Zone: 2 to 7
Fall Color: Intense Purple/Red
Flower Color: White
Preferred Soil: Dry to Medium Loams
Exposure Type: Full Sun/ Partial Shade



Prunus virginiana / Canada Select Red Cherry

Planting Points: Introducing Prunus virginiana, the versatile and elegant chokecherry tree. Embrace its ornamental beauty and ecological benefits in your landscape. Beautiful flowers in the Spring, fruit for wildlife in the summer, and intense fall color make this a fantastic tree year-round. Chokecherry is a good food source for wildlife and birds, and the flowers attract pollinators in the spring. Chokecherry is susceptible to black knot which can be fatal if not pruned. Tent caterpillars can also be an issue. Despite this, its adaptability to various soil types and year-round appeal makes it a valuable addition to any property.

Siting This tree: Plant in moist, well-drained soil and partial to full sunlight for optimal growth. However, it is very versatile and can thrive in a variety of conditions. A slightly larger ornamental tree fantastic for any nature lover.