European Mountain Ash

Height: 20’ to 30’’
Spread: 20’ to 25’
Hardiness Zone: 3-7
Fall Color: Red
Preferred Soil: Prefers well- drained, moist, loamy soils; adapts to many types of soils.
Exposure Type: Full Sun



Sorbus aucuparia / European Mountain Ash

Planting Points: European Mountain Ash is not a true ash tree. It does not belong to the genus Fraxinus, in fact it belongs to the genera Sorbus and is native throughout Europe. This tree is primarily used as a small landscape tree or for wildlife food plots as animals love the fruit this tree bears. This tree has an oval shape and will have a moderately dense canopy. This tree blossoms beautiful white flowers in the spring that complement the bright red fruit on the tree that birds and other wildlife love. This fruit is persistent so it will stay on the tree until temperatures cool in the fall.

Siting this tree: This tree is native to mountainous regions in Europe and prefers a cooler root system. It prefers cooler temperatures, but this tree must be planted in full sun to achieve the best fruit production.